An organic scintillator used for fast neutron detection, Scintinel™ stilbene is commercially produced at Inrad Optics. This material enables next-generation radiation detection for physics research, homeland security and nuclear nonproliferation. Inrad Optics has launched a new website specifically for the Scintinel™ product line. This website allows stilbene customers access to summaries of properties and performance and links to scientific publications that demonstrate a range of applications.

Inrad Optics worked with Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University to provide Scintinel™ stilbene crystals of various orientations mounted in housed assemblies for an anisotropy study on the performance of stilbene.

Curved crystal optics have long played an important role in focusing x-ray emissions in analytical instruments.  Watch our new video to learn more about these x-ray crystals.

In any optical assembly, the biggest challenge is balancing the optical and mechanical specifications, which can be at odds with each other. A recent case in point is an external flight window designed for high-resolution airborne imaging.