Although a mirror’s surface appears smooth to the naked eye, if you looked at it through a microscope you’d see many peaks and valleys. These surface imperfections can cause interference with light waves and other electromagnetic radiation. For this reason, understanding the degree and nature of this interference is crucial to successfully designing a metal based optical system.

An organic scintillator used for fast neutron detection, Scintinel™ stilbene is commercially produced at Inrad Optics. This material enables next-generation radiation detection for physics research, homeland security and nuclear nonproliferation. Inrad Optics has launched a new website specifically for the Scintinel™ product line. This website allows stilbene customers access to summaries of properties and performance and links to scientific publications that demonstrate a range of applications.

Inrad Optics worked with Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University to provide Scintinel™ stilbene crystals of various orientations mounted in housed assemblies for an anisotropy study on the performance of stilbene.

Curved crystal optics have long played an important role in focusing x-ray emissions in analytical instruments.  Watch our new video to learn more about these x-ray crystals.