Inrad Optics serves the needs of prime contractors, military, and government agencies. Our super-precision optics, optical assemblies, proprietary UV crystals and Q-switch crystals are used in a wide variety of military, aerospace, and law enforcement applications, including:

  • Target range finding
  • Target acquisition
  • Surveillance reconnaissance
  • Hyper spectral imaging and thermal imaging
  • Missile warning systems and IR counter measures
  • Low Earth Orbit Spectroscopy

We offer build-to-print services and our engineering team is specialized in optimizing optical component designs for manufacturability. We provide MIL spec quality assurance with environmental stress screening qualification. Inrad Optics is DDTC registered and fully compliant with ITAR regulations.


With support from the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), Inrad Optics has commercialized the growth of large, high quality stilbene crystals to address the need for next-generation radiation detection. This work is critical for homeland security, nuclear nonproliferation, and neutron detection at nuclear facilities.

Stilbene is a scintillator which emits light in the presence of nuclear radiation. It has long been recognized as having excellent properties for fast neutron detection, but availability at a reasonable price has limited its widespread use. Stilbene is highly sensitive to neutrons and offers excellent discrimination between neutrons and gamma-ray radiation.

Inrad Optics now offers stilbene crystals in a wide variety of formats to suit the diverse applications of the nuclear physics community.


Our long history of providing government and academic institutions with innovative solutions dates to the founding of Inrad Optics in 1973. That tradition continues today, as we are a well-known supplier of optical components and systems used by national laboratories, universities, and scientists around the world. Our expertise includes:

  • Specialty and proprietary crystal growth
  • Fabrication of diverse materials from ultra-stiff metals to soft, hygroscopic crystals
  • Crystals and devices for harmonic generation, optical parametric oscillation, and spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC)
  • X-ray optics for synchrotron beamlines and plasma diagnostics in controlled nuclear fusion research facilities
  • Bending and contacting ultra-thin crystals

Inrad Optics products can be found in scientific applications in institutions worldwide. Our crystals are widely used in UV and IR spectroscopy for fundamental research in biology and chemistry as well as in the development of new laser systems. Recent applications have included terahertz wave generation, high harmonic generation, and the study of entangled photon pairs.

Inrad Optics develops and manufactures custom optics for in-process inspection and analytical quality control instruments. As a key supplier in the fields of spectroscopy, interferometry, and laser scanning, Inrad Optics serves as a knowledgeable partner for both OEM production and R&D projects.

Our implementation of exacting metrology and quality control techniques coupled with our proprietary optical contacting methods allow us to provide excellent quality bent crystal x-ray optics to the x-ray spectroscopy market, thus enabling improvements in measurement resolution.


Inrad Optics possesses unique expertise in fabricating large form factor optics for semiconductor wafer inspection. Our super-precision large transmission flats and large format fold mirrors are utilized in nanotopography and wafer edge roll-off metrology. At the core of this success is Inrad Optics’ commitment to work with our customers to achieve very demanding surface and coating specifications that are both highly repeatable and measurable.

Inrad Optics produces mirrors for scanning as well as laser spectroscopy systems used in air particle sensing, water quality monitoring, and industrial gas contamination screening. Our precise diamond flycutting capability and deep understanding of light-weighting and balancing of non-stationary optics support OEM systems with ever increasing speed and accuracy requirements.

Inrad Optics Pockels cells and Q-switch crystals are industry standards for medical, industrial and military laser systems. We run a vertically integrated manufacturing operation in which crystal growth, fabrication, orientation, and assembly take place entirely in our facility. End-to-end control of crystal growth and fabrication results in unequaled traceability and quality control.

Our Pockels cells and Q-switch crystals have set the standard in a variety of applications:

  • Medical. Our high-extinction-rate BBO is the preferred material for ultrafast medical laser systems.
  • Defense. We are a longtime supplier to defense prime contractors requiring Q-switch crystals with performance guarantees for field use. We offer custom designs to meet the demands of military applications.
  • Industrial and Scientific. Laser manufacturers have chosen Inrad Optics Pockels cells for demanding applications, including small form factor designs. In addition to standard products suitable for benchtop R&D, we also develop custom electro-optics tailored to the most challenging laser system requirements.