The Inrad Optics V series Pockels cell driver is designed for fast, high-voltage switching for small capacitive loads, such as Pockels cells. It is compatible with our line of KD*P, LiNbO3, and BBO Pockels cells. The V driver plugs directly into a wall outlet and can be triggered either internally or via synchro. The high voltage can be selected continuously from 2.4 kV to 6 kV (lower voltage models available upon request). Pulse width is programmable from 1 μs to 1/f, where f is the repetition rate in Hz and is selectable from 50 Hz nominal to DC. In regular operation, the maximum frequency is dependent on the load capacitance (listed in datasheets for all Inrad Optics Pockels cells) and the HV value, though in burst mode it is possible to achieve twice this frequency over short periods of time.

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